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lastfutures wrote

Mostly punk & some hiphop. Bit of country, bluegrass, folk.


Abbo OP wrote

I like Johnny Cash and a little bit of punk but I'm more into like 60s 70s rock


catachresis wrote

I listen to a lot of ambient or ambient-adjacent music. So much lately I've been having a hard time listening to anything else. My chart for the past 3 months.

I got an idea for a Raddle collaborative Spotify playlist. I can make one and share a link if anyone would be interested.


celebratedrecluse wrote

trap, emo, baroque, Tchaikovsky, certain metal and thrash, women's and revolutionary hip hop, anything i can hear and think "wow! I must sample this"

but, i'm willing to venture outside my comfort zone if i have a recommendation from a trusted source


Kinshavo wrote

Rock, punk, anything from the 60's, jamaican music, folk and various traditional music from around the world (rebetiko lately), hip-hop, jazz, cumbia, Samba, afrobeat, and the list goes on...

But usually I take some time to discover new stuff


piratinha1 wrote

Rock and its subgenres, a few indie songs, some old pop songs and random edm (tech house, bass etc).