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hasbrochem wrote

just barely saw this, so I'm only commenting now...

this is complete shit. they have an axe to grind and grind they do. they talk about this all important r^2 value, as if it has some intrinsic merit and it's the only way one can show there's ANY correlation/causation (they don't seem to understand this distinction very well either). they and those who have conducted the other studies seem to be unconcerned with the factors tied to the economics the people they survey are facing as well as the societies in which all of this takes place.

this was pretty fucking upsetting to read. not because I disagree with their conclusions. I disagree with how they get there, which is complete and utter nonsense and bullshit, and that they try to ignore and obfuscate the real problems.

skimming over other things they have put out there, it looks like they do this garbage a lot. bloody fucking hell...