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NeoliberalismKills wrote

I'd need to know more before I worry too much. Maybe they're like cradle Catholics. People who say they're Catholic even though they don't agree with anything the church says, it's just an identity thing they grew up with. Not being a Democrat is an important thing in some parts of the country.


juliebean wrote (edited )

they don't describe themselves as left wing, but everything i've seen of their views seems in opposition to the right. i think they try to be officially 'neutral' to not scare off the people they're trying to bring around to their philosophy.


Catsforfun wrote

I'm not privy to all details and inner workings, but the way I see it, they are providing a space for people who don't agree with white nationalism to start questioning that and other things & ultimately that is progress. You have to start somewhere with those people and starting with anti-authoritarian/anti-racist unity isn't bad. It's not work I could do. It definitely takes some privilege & groundedness to be able to reach out and have conversations with people who hold bigoted beliefs