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ziq wrote (edited )

Stalinists shouldn't be welcome sitewide imho. I'm fine with other leftists as long as they don't violate the ToS by calling for imperialism or suppporing purges of queers / anarchists or whatever. Also, suppport of red cops shouldn't be acceptable.


sudo wrote

Also, suppport of red cops shouldn't be acceptable.


Also, I think Stalinists should be allowed on. I've spoken with some of them before, and they think that Stalin was wrong for calling queer people counter-revolutionary. Same goes for his deportation of Crimean Tartars. If they do something that goes against the ToS, then a ban would be justified, but I don't think we should exclude them outright.


zorblax wrote

as long as someone isn't a complete asshole I don't see the issue with them being here, no matter their ideology(as long as they aren't fash obviously)


tapeworm wrote (edited )

I think it's a little fucked up that people that have never used this forum felt they had the right to vote out one of the mods.

I support banning anyone that is supporting authoritarianism against non-bourgies. Until they do that, I'll just consider them standard Marxists. After they do that, they show themselves to be tankies.


Defasher wrote

It's a fair point and I don't own a gun, so feel free to discard my vote if that's the criteria this forum uses to make decisions.


zombie_berkman wrote

you literally just did what got me demodded, except for i didnt say they couldnt be here i said keep their ideology to themself.


Defasher wrote (edited )

You got demodded for banning sudo for complaining about a policy you unilaterally made without consulting the community or even the other mods.

It was just bad moderation, mate.

You gotta talk to the community before you make decisions like that or we're no better than r/leftwithoutedge.

The integrity of the site comes before feels.

That bein said, I fully support banning tankies on sight. Them being armed will just lead to us being murdered if they ever get their revolution.


zombie_berkman wrote

i banned sudo because they dont participate here and only originally came to start shit, then started shit again. im not sorry for anything ive done. its purely a principle thing since this place is dead and had 6 comments total before i made this post


Defasher wrote (edited )

I edited my comment in case you didn't see it.

I've seen tankies completely destroy community after community with their authoritarian bullshit, so I'm wary as fuck of them, but you're giving them all the rope they need to hang us with when you stoop to their level and ban for dubious reasons (shit stirring isn't a good reason). These are tankie tactics - banning for dissent. Anarchists should be above that.