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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Another point regarding Work: the current idea governing it, is based around the idea of Constant Production. The obvious flaw is basically just as if you constantly devour chocolate cakes, you will eventually run out of chocolate cake, if you constantly use up resources, you'll eventually run out of resources.

Capitalism has only managed to keep going as long as it has, is because until recently, there were always new lands to expand to with new resources to exploit. The problem Capitalism is facing now, is that there are no new lands to expand to; it has effectively taken over the world, yet it is hemorrhaging resources at an even higher rate than it had in the past. Right now, Capitalism is trying to stay afloat by cannibalizing other capitalist nations, but there's an obvious flaw with that strategy.

In any case, we do need to ask why we must constantly produce new goods? We have effectively produce enough clothes so that every person on the planet, is capable of having the kind of wardrobe that would make a fictional teenager green with envy. We clearly have produced enough clothes that there's plenty for everyone and no real need to keep making more. Yet we do. And hey, I like t-shirts with cute sayings on them as much as the next person, but again, there's no need for there to be trillions of them.