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Cheeks wrote

I worked for 7 years as a systems and network administrator at a major southern university. The first 2 years I worked about 20 actual hours a week and was forced to log about 50 hours. I spent the downtime of that 20 hours automating most of my repetitious tasks. By the end of that first 2 years I was working about 5 actual hours a week and about 4 times a year, for maintenance and upgrades that could come to about 15 hours on those weeks, but was still mandated to log 50 hours a week. Crazy.

I noticed, looking around my department, that this was normal for most of us. I also noticed that most of the 'busy' work, number crunching, clerical, data entry, was given to only a few who maintained heavy work loads. So I developed tools and software to ease some of their workload only to see management purposefully create more useless 'busy' work for them.

It still blows my mind, the inefficiencies, and general uselessness of the work they were being forced into.