Don't do it... Wage slavery sucks!

Submitted by Cheeks in antiwork

A friend had posted elsewhere that she is looking for employment. My response was of no help so copied it and posted it here instead of as a reply.

“Don't do it! Wage slavery sucks. You will be forced to work way below the market value of your labor to obtain non-intrinsic value wealth to further necessitate your meager existence. The value of your time is only worth enough to facilitate a half of you as you will be paid less than your male counterparts. To make matters worse, a small percentage of people have convinced many that are hardly better off, that it's your own fault for eating avacado toast. Maybe it's time for something else? "


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ziq wrote (edited )

Cool cool. Could be condensed a bit and made into a f/propaganda poster.

As someone who has been working since I was 9 years old, I wish I had options to escape the work vortex.