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ChaosAnarchy wrote (edited )

the mods deleted it and encouraged to report


Archaplain wrote

indistinguishable from a c@ or an @ thread lmao


OdiousOutlaw wrote

But you come on here and post your "oh my God work sucks" memes and then when you actually have the chance to do something about it, you decide to not participate.

Not doing anything is peak anti-work praxis; what are they even talking about-

Oh, it's November.

Just remembered what that meant.


zoom_zip OP wrote

The moderators of r/antiwork support voting in every election for which you're eligible, because when people don't vote, fascists win. If you're a U.S. citizen and need information on how to vote in the Nov. 8th midterm election, visit to learn more. Edit: This thread may be intermittently locked for clean-up. If you see comments discouraging others from voting, please click the report button so that we can moderate offending comments and unlock the comment section faster.


veuzi wrote (edited )

Sort by controversial and you get some decent agreeable comments.

Only one actual anarchist found though.


unidentified wrote

I can feel my brain cells dying reading that thread. Sooooo glad I got out of there before the Doreen Ford interview escalated the influx of normies.