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ChaosAnarchy wrote

I ain't reading through this legal language shit but basically you wanted to receive information about FBI involvement in Antiwork?

There could be a small chance that the ex-FBI snitch was actually doing it on their own and that the top mod is actually an anarchist. Otherwise isn't the FBI anyways keeping data 50 years off the book before one can get that information?


rockfordroe OP wrote

I worded it as a request for involvement, yes, but the legalese is saying "We can't say if they exist or not" aka. some shit is going down.


monday wrote

requests for expedited processing are not applicable when a final response is issued within ten calendar days.

What this even means?


tuesday wrote

It means that expedited processing is only available for responses that would take more than 10 calendar days to finish. Maybe the original FOIA request asked for expedited processing. This is just saying "You didn't need it because it didn't take that long."