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this is like the “people don’t want to work anymore” slogan that fast food joints started throwing up. someone crawls out of the dirt to say this in the comments of every fucking antiwork post, just further diluting the thing, pulling it more and more into the territory of the moderates.

other things i saw posted in antiwork just this morning:

  • “we will always need people to work in the military”
  • “higher taxes = greater contribution to society”


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ikk wrote

despite the name, antifa is not really against ........


ziq wrote

true. look how many of them are red fascists


asterism wrote

It burns!

Maybe we need something more clear. My vote is, "brutally murder work and all its ancestors!"

really rolls off the toungue.


zoom_zip OP wrote

"despite the name, /r/brutallymurderworkandallitsancestors is not actually against work; we just want fair pay and for our bosses to give us cuddles while they tuck us into bed in our office cubicle at night."


asterism wrote

As someone with a fairly attractive boss I could go for that. /s

I said it for the cringe.

You are welcome.


zoom_zip OP wrote

"as a hr manager, i understand the sentiment to want to brutally murder work and all its ancestors. that's why it's important to join a union and report all work-based infringements of your rights to both hr and a governmental agency that oversees these things. change comes from the inside... soon. very soon. in the future. possibly."


ChaosAnarchy wrote (edited )

yeah it's pretty much off the rails. When I used to mod there I in particular wrote against stuff like that. Hell, even in mod mail I told someone you would not be antiwork friendly as an hiring manager and in an anti-work society your job would not exists.

Later got hated on by conservatives in that thread when that person revealed the mod mail on the same day as I quit.

I wonder if those type of persons are just agents of the state spreading misinformation, or if people are really manipulated by school to be this... stupid?


zoom_zip OP wrote

there’s a lot of “as a hr manager…” style comments that i see there. i’m pretty sure there are actual cops posting there too.