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There is a whiteboard in our break rooms and management does this thing where they write questions on it for people to answer. Questions like "what time would you travel back to" or "what's your favorite summer activity?" Etc.

This week's question was, "who or what inspires you?". There were some bootlicker answers but also a few sincere answers and a couple of joke ones too. I usually don't participate but I was feeling contrary and there were already some joke ones so I wrote, "no one".

Now either management or some bootlicker took it upon themselves to police our answers and erased my answer as well as all of the other joke answers.

Everything in me wants to be petty as fuck about it. The pettiest part of me wants to bring my screwdriver to work and detach the whiteboard and hide it somewhere. Another part of me just wants to start erasing the questions every time I see them. Haven't decided what the best course is yet but I am doing something for sure. I am so sick of seeing these inane questions.



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__0 wrote

bring a permanent marker to work ♥️


throwaway wrote (edited )

What inspires you?

"Unions, dead bosses and flat cooperative organization" permanent marker, of course.