my job is destroying the planet (thanks for helping me put numbers to it)

Submitted by confundus in anticiv (edited )

First, I gotta say this forum as well as f/climate_changed and f/green and f/collapse and a few others have been a great resource for me since you all have taken the time to share and collect various things all in one place, which would have taken me a very long time to do on my own.

Second, I'm writing up my yearly report for my job and I've long suspected that what I do for my job is non sustainable but haven't had any hard numbers to back it up. this year for my report, though, I'm not pulling any punches and I'm talking specifically about how what we're doing to try and "save the planet" through various green measures not only isn't working and won't work, but the way we're doing it is only making things much much worse.

To give you an idea, this is a crude low-ball estimate of how much tonnes of CO2 per capita our division produces each year trying to solve problems like...CO2 emissions: 165,000 mt.

In 2014 the USA produced 16.5 mt CO2 per capita.

this is an extremely low-ball estimate that neglects many other costs which likely exceed this number several times over all on their own. not only that but there are hundreds if not thousands of other divisions like us operating around the world with similar costs and probably a couple dozen who generate so much CO2 that they dwarf most countries on their own.

and this is all in the name of progress and saving the planet, keep in mind. this isn't driven directly by corporations or maximizing profits either.


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confundus OP wrote

EDIT: I mistakenly said how much our CO2 metric tonnes were. That's how much is per the number of people that work on these projects. if it's adjusted to be per capita it's 4 orders of magnitude larger (multiply it by approximately 10,000).

I made the change in my post but wanted to point it out as it's anything but insignificant especially since we're a small group and so it would make the original number I reported easy to dismiss. 17 vs 170,000, give or take.