whats with the the forum on the sidebar

Submitted by Splinglebot in anticiv

The sidebar links to the forum anti-civ.net and I briefly looked at it out of curiosity and this was one of the first threads I came across. And ... what the fuck?

autism is the system giving potential dissenters brain damage

that has got to one rocket fire take. And obviously it's all caused by vaccines. They also link some ableist fear-mongering sites as "sources"

Now after that ableist shitshow I didn't really want to look any further so I'm not sure if its representative of the site as a whole - but if it is even remotely so then what is it doing in the sidebar?



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ziq wrote

I vaguely remember someone asking if we could link to their forum there years ago. Removing it.


rot wrote

never actually read any of those. maybe I should start