i think anti-civs really need to be clear what we mean when we say "abolish extraction"

Submitted by Dumai in anticiv

it's the same issue as when we say "abolish work" because in the plain sense of the word "extraction" just means the act of withdrawing a natural resource, which, like, can't be abolished (as an example, the renewable energy sources we propose for the end state of the degrowth transition involve that kind of "extraction") but like, it's also not what we mean by "extraction"

the weird thing is, at this point, depending on who i'm talking to i'll say "no, i don't want to abolish extraction" or "fuck yes, abolish extraction asap" and i worry i'm losing consistency just for the sake of being properly understood, like "extraction" in the sense of "the enclosure of the commons and the private appropriation of its resources for the purposes of exchange" is the main thing tying the anarchist critique of property to ecopolitics so it feels wrong for me to shirk that but also i'm terrified of being misread

idk i'm not sure what to do about this other than stubbornly insisting on defining my terms every time i use them



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Dumai OP wrote

is my tic of using the word "like" in every sentence getting obnoxious yet


Splinglebot wrote (edited )

honestly I, like, hadn't even noticed

edit: I've realised the "like" in the middle might make this sound insincere but really I hadn't noticed


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I haven't heard anybody say "abolish extraction" before, so I'm interested to know about what kinds of meanings you'll say "fuck yes" to and "nope" to, if you wanna talk about it.


ziq wrote

abolish non-renewable extraction?


Majrelende wrote

“Abolish Commodification” might work as well.


LostYonder wrote

Isn't the underlying issue commodification and profit? The question is, how do we do away with (abolish) profit as the underlying force of social relations? If there is no profiteering, than there is no extraction.

Our bodies "extract" vitamin D from the sun as plants "extract" energy (simplistically) through photosynthesis. But these are are predicated on systems of interdependence and sustainability which profit making disrupt and destroy.

Or am I missing something???