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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

You know, I don't know texts offhand. After your post earlier today I went on a spree of anti-tech reading and came across some stuff but I don't remember exactly which said the things.

Most texts do only have a problem with industrial technology or capitalism-made technology, because of the ways that the values bound up in the making of technologies reproduce the values of those technologies. Of the arguments I'm aware of that are completely anti-tech, there are just these few (and I'd also appreciate readings that elaborate or add to any of these):

  • Resource extraction is a problem for all technology, including solar etc, not just for the parts, but for the machinery/infrastructure that makes/transports/etc the parts.
  • Technology requires specialised knowledge, and not everyone can be a specialist, so undue power tends to accrue to the specialists and/or the people controlling them.
  • Technology here is generally defined as tools that define the way that you interact with something rather than tools you control completely. There's a good way to phrase this but I've forgotten it. This point though is tied to the point that technology is alienating, as something that mediates our relation to things, putting us at one or more removes from what we affect.

I'll edit this if I think up new stuff or think up some good references. I'd also like to get my ducks in a row about this.