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I am looking for the article mentioned, not he article this comes from, which is here.

Are they talking about AJODA? Their archives don't have #43 and I am not sure where else to look.
Or some other periodical called Anarchy?
The Anarchy magazine that came out of London in the 80s only went up to #38.



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

It's in AJODA, here's a PDF.


Inside Anarchy
International Anarchist News
Anti-Anarchist Repression in Quebec by Michael William
Alternative Media Review
Alternative Press Review. Compiled by Alex Trotter, Steven Englander & Dave Mandl
A Blast from the Past Review by John Zerzan
What's Wrong with this Picture? Review by Bob Black
Lenin: The "Evil Genius" Review by Alex Trotter
Arab Comic Strips Review by Alex Trotter
Manichean Anarchism or Dishonest Anarchism: Judging a Bookchin by His Cover-ups Review by Lawrence Jarach
The Space-Time of Lived Experience (Chapter 22 from The Revolution of Everyday Life) by Raoul Vaneigem
Running on Emptiness: The Failure of Symbolic Thought by John Zerzan
Murray Bookchin, Grumpy Old Man by Bob Black
Rare Praise; or Bookchin Hates Us (and... That's a Good Thing) by Paul Z. Simons
In Search of the Unabomber by Laure Akai
The Spartacist School of Falsification by Max Anger
Zerzan & the Media: An Ignominius Tale by John Zerzan

There's quite a bit of AJODA on if you are interested.