Civilization and gender

Submitted by tnstaec in anticiv (edited )

Despite what some misguided, non-anarchist, supposedly anti-civ people say, civilization and gender policing go hand-in-hand. Countless indigenous cultures around the world have recognized what might be called trans or non-binary genders, including:

  • Two-spirit - umbrella term for genders within various North American cultures, including the Ojibwe ikwekaazo and ininiikaazo, and Lakota wíŋkte
  • Muxe - of the Zapotec
  • Five genders - of the Bugis of Southeast Asia
  • "third genders" - of the Maori, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Hawai'i and Cook Islanders.
  • many, many more

Trans and non-binary gender expression have sometimes been tolerated within civilized societies, but are more often repressed. This strategy is an integral part of the male domination imperative found throughout the history of civilizations, and a marked contrast to non-civilized societies, and societies resistant to cultural colonization.


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