Submitted by kano in anticiv

Refined and approved corruption. State of advanced technology and low human relationship. Primitive white men beat each other over the head with wooden clubs; civilization enabled them to do it with iron. Modern civilization turned mankind into packs of wolverines in sheep’s clothing. Called it “majority rule”, ruled by a clever minority of super rich. Polluted the land, water, air and minds, including their own. Stole Indian land in the name of God. Let God take the blame. Kill all the Indians who resist and those who don’t. “Civilization” is advancing towards an unknown destiny, and the rulers don’t give a damn, as long as the profits keep coming. Is civilization bound towards self-destruction? Only the masses shall be destroyed. The super rich have safe hideaways.

From the Warrior's Handbook



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fortmis wrote (edited )

oooh, love this. Interested in the rest of the book. Is it The Mohawk Warrior Society: Auto-History of the Rotisken'rhakéhte ?