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Tequila_Wolf OP wrote (edited )

No, capitalism is just one particular form of civilisation. Assuming it's useful to say more, civilisations have been around for millenia and are characterised well enough in the general description of them on wikipedia, while capitalism is generally understood to have emerged out of feudalism in Europe at the end of the middle ages. What they both have in common is state-forms and state-thinking as normalising processes which decide in advance what may be thinkable or doable.

Why do you ask?

Edit: I edited my post to make this clearer, thanks!


RanDomino wrote

Do you think The State = at least one rock placed atop another and therefore Anarchism = not a single rock placed atop another?


LajkaBear wrote (edited )

Anarchism = not a single rock placed atop another?

Correct. Anarchism is when all rocks are flying in a perfectly egalitarian, horizontal manner in the general direction of anybody who suggests that anarchism is a statism with a human face or whatever the fuck you are trying to convey with this really shitty metaphor.


subrosa wrote

What kind of nonsense are you trying to pull here.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

I said state-forms, which is a more general political notion including states, denoting any apparatus that seeks to capture relations in a territory and structure them in advance of people's interaction with the territory itself, creating social stratification in that territory.

Churches and other hierarchical institutions would be included among these, but so would any reified ideas, like present-day notions of justice or happiness.

I would rather not say what anarchism is in relation to this, but I do think that anarchists typically are against all state-forms, and we seek to escape structured by them through our practices of prefiguration (organising ourselves with different sets of relations in a territory) and bypass them to destroy them through collective and individual direct action.

If you're having any more trouble, let me know what about, and we could probably recommend you something to engage.


RanDomino wrote

Do you think state-forms = at least one rock placed atop another and therefore Anarchism = not a single rock placed atop another?