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Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

I'm not going to go into detail about it now, but here's an inadequate summary:

The entire notion of a gender binary is an effect of reductionist, segregationist, excluding tendency inherent to state-thinking.

A trans woman who has had surgery is no more or less a woman than a cis woman who has had surgery. But it's our completely socially-constructed invented idea of what a woman should be that creates the dysphoria in both women that causes them to desire to change their bodies in the first place. A practice of anarchy would include destroying any kind of fixed abstract notion of a binary (or trinary, or whatever) as the base for anybody's sense of lacking something in relation to a notion of gender.
Destroying civilisation is inseparable from destroying the infrastructure that creates these desires. It is part of the feminist notion that there is nothing wrong with our bodies, nothing lacking at all in the first place.

There's more to say about it on many levels, but this is how it reflects what I've said in this post.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

It's also in this light that we can understand the quote from the CrimethInc poster about beauty:

To see beauty is simply to learn the private language of meaning which is another's life - to recognize and relish what is.
Beauty must be defined as what we are, otherwise the concept itself is our enemy.
Why languish in the shadow of a standard we cannot personify, an ideal we cannot live?