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ratratratrat wrote

as a trans person, surgery and medication also exist without civ, hormones can be synthesized from animal and plant sources and surgery can also be performed, tbh i would trust the cavemen that performed trepination on people during the ice age to do my top surgery over a modern surgeon.


kinshavo wrote

Sorry the shit question and I don't want to be tone deaf. How much weight do you think modern hormones and surgical procedures have in trans wellness and quality of life? I agree with you but it's not my place to have this opinion or even debating this - the argument you have also toucha how other non-white or non-western cultures have about queerness/gender nonconformity and etc -

And if many of us are on board of gender nihilism and radical anarchoqueer theory.. those questions are already answered if don't want to fall behind liberal wokeness or leftist prociv discourse (prociv or antiAnarchist, not sure what worste)

Anyway people like you should have more weight on this discussion and your voice heard


ratratratrat wrote

i think it depends on the person, personally i am fine without hormones it’s just my chest that i can’t deal with, while others would want more done, but that also has a lot to deal with the expectations put on us by society. my chest is not just gender related, but so much of ‘passing’ and surgery is just confirming to gender roles, and i feel like a lot of gender dysphoria wouldn’t exist if the concept of sex/gender didnt exist either. i believe trans liberation can only come when we accept that as trans people we should not try to conform to cis standards of gender but abolish them instead.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

I think they would certainly be nice, but it's the same as diabetes. Don't forget that under civilisation, transgender people have been generally oppressed, and it appears that with the rise of right-wing ideologies worldwide, the present window of inclusivity's days seem to be numbered. (as with past windows of inclusivity conveniently forgotten to appease the narrative of progress)

It's the same as diabetes, I think. I am basically on my own, for one, and if half the trans people in the world live in unwelcoming countries, then much more than half are being denied socially santioned transition. Modern remedies might be good for those who can get them, but they are typically limited to certain privileged people in conducive social environments, and I don't see that likely to change positively in the future; rather, the opposite.

It's better to have a small, non-transphobic society that does its best for transitioning than waiting for a perfect revolution (that somehow doesn't go rotten) to create a civilised utopia wherein it is supposed that all humanseveryone generally gets what they want. at the expense of the rest of life.