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OdiousOutlaw wrote

Oh, hey, it's my /f/uselessthoughts post from 2 years ago.

Fucking breeders obsessed with their genetics and traditions because industrial society needs more bodies to grease its wheels. What a scam.


monday wrote

They are one of the reasons for me to reconsider early ITS


[deleted] wrote


monday wrote

My biggest turn down for ITS was their cringe association with O9A and their inner cult religious tenets, besides the obviously "random killings" phase just for the sake of it.. I stared into the abyss and the abyss stared into me and I can say It is real and people too infatuated with shadows can become petty and insignificant.. I paused any studies about anarchy, but I am organizing my comeback soon and I will dedicate serious time reading ecoextremism


GoddamnedVoodooMagic wrote

Tbf, ITS is less of a codified thing, and more a loose collection of anticiv folks all over who identify with eco extremism, and there's several iterations of what is called "ITS". Plus, I think the "random targeting" thing is...inaccurate, since I read A LOT of ITS stuff, and have talked to quite a few native folks who are into eco extremism. thought they were more into chaos gnosticism, which is distinct from the O9A, and something I'm into. Nevertheless, I fuck with em, and certainly don't think they're fash at all.


Rat wrote

Holy shit!