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ziq OP wrote

Because mutual aid is when AI decides how to distribute the welfare checks.


fortmis wrote



fortmis wrote (edited )

the unquestioned quest for world domination permeates everh niche


OdiousOutlaw wrote

Ethically speaking, it's incredibly humanist to use something intelligent enough to manage the welfare of an entire society and not consider it slavery because it isn't human enough to count as a person. This can be ignored, of course, because humanists are known to ignore ethics for the advancement of human society.

Practically speaking, AI's advancement and use requires continuous ecocide as well as hierarchical labor in maintaining the systems required in its use and no one that uses Fully Automated Luxury Communism in earnest can be trusted to answer the question of "How the fuck do we get the resources to do that?" or give any insight in general, really.

Anarchically exactly is this mutual aid? Are we giving the AI personhood while also giving it full control of society in exchange for its life? Is it mutual aid because we're maintaining the AI in return? Is everyone doing that or is it a select group of individuals? This is either a technocratic monarchy or enslavement and that's dependent solely on the personhood of the resource management. How is it communism if the community alienated from resource distribution? Finally, with all of these questions, where is the anarchy?


ArmyOfNone wrote

TRUST MICROSOFT, because the Revolution.