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Antarchtic wrote

But comrade, once we establish anarchy there won't be any exploitation, pollution, ecocide, or disagreements! We'll just vote on it and I'm sure plenty of people who aren't me will come to build it, and everyone who lives along the new tracks will love it. As for sourcing materials and tools... idk, that sounds like capitalist shit so we probably won't need to worry about it


OdiousOutlaw wrote

"Complex, large-scale societies require interconnected networks to transport goods; this necessitates governance--sorry, organization-- because l want electronics and medicine to alleviate the problems of civilization. If you don't embrace the necessity of authority you're either a primmie or a lifestylist."


ArmyOfNone wrote

Noawadays more like an ecofash genocidal maniac.


OdiousOutlaw wrote

They were actually pretty restrained when it comes to primitivists in that reply, but yeah.


mindforgedmanacles wrote

That comment where somebody was implying that the train systems weren't predicated on domination in the United Kingdom clearly hasn't read much about the violence that went forth in the Midlands, Wales, Scotland and Ireland in the mines, let alone the clearances that led to the rise of industrialization. r/anarchism never fails to have me at a knife's edge away from having an aneurysm.


kinshavo wrote

Just wait for them to replace in the equation, govern with AI..


ratratratrat wrote

the distance thing isn’t even true, in trainless societies goods have traveled thousands of miles, see sweet potatoes in niugini being traced to south america, someone sailed across the pacific ocean for some potatoes. beads in north america have also traveled thousands of miles from their source. since this was pre introduction of european horses this would be done by walking or going down a boat in a river too.

the thing that is different between boats and walking from trains is that trains have the space and speed for mass produced goods, which this person still wants in an “anarchist” society.