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Terror_Incognita wrote

"Nor is eating meat synonymous with speciesism."

If it wasn't, then the consumption of animals categorized as "human" would be as equally normalized and standard as non-human animals.

"Veganism does rely on the wholesale clearing of wild land to grow food. Land that was home to countless species of plants, animals, insects, etc - so if meat eating is speciesism, so too is veganism (not to mention ignoring that plants are species too)."

This is a very narrowed perception and understanding of veganism. For example foraging wild berries, mushrooms and other fruits and vegetables requires zero industrialization. This is why from an anti-civ perspective, veganism is considered to be a form of re-wilding. Industrial society limits ones knowledge of obtaining wild food - including what is edible and what is not. Meat and dairy - flesh and secretions - are consumed based on a speciesist entitlement in which "human" animals feel entitled to dominate and consume the bodies of non-human animals.

A fear of death is irrelevant to recognizing social control and domination based on socially constructed hierarchies - as the ones created between human and non-human animals. If anything, many anarchist non-vegans have a fear of recognizing the authoritarianism inherent in consuming other animals because they know that it would present them with the dilemma of either making actual change in their lives or continuing to ironically maintain authoritarian relationships with others while identifying as anti-authoritarian.