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ziq wrote (edited )

Pinned. So many ableists try to accuse anticivs of ableism while upholding the cause of our disabilities. It's really perverse.


Fool wrote

:) I'm so sick of being called ableist slurs by people calling me ableist, because I see that my pills are a treatment to cope with Civilization, not a treatment of a problem within myself.


Hemolith wrote

(By Modern Medicine, I am referring in most cases, to Westernized/Colonial Medicine. However, one can argue that Medicine, generally speaking, with the rise of any Civilization, can be attacked in the following way.)

(From My Fractured Mind and Body)

I feel this is often overlooked. A lot of people will assume that if you're opposed to modern medicine, you're advocating for 'alternative medicine', when really they're not so different, they're both based on the same civilized preconceptions in my experience.


roanoke9 wrote

In my herbalism studies, I keep coming back to the idea that I am okay using these herbs on myself, and sharing knowledge but I don't want to become anyone's doctor. As soon as I do that, I'm making them a patient. I feel like this is incipient hierarchy, just as if I tried to pass any spiritual epiphanies I might have had on to someone else as if I had some secret knowledge inaccessible to them. The two go together and it seems like this is the sort of wrong turn that could lead to religion.