Submitted by Ishkah in anticiv (edited )

Truth versus Lies is a book that Ted Kaczynski finished writing soon after his sentencing. The book never went into print, but we have photocopies of the draft in 2 parts: Part 1 & Part 2.

Ted goes over tons of court documents and magazine articles to attempt to correct the record on the story of his life.

If someone has a perfect word document, is an email or letter away and is up for releasing it soon after we finish I’d be so annoyed haha. But, I think it’s worth the risk as they likely would have put it online already if they really wanted to.

If you’d like to help make error corrections, click the request access button in the top right corner or send your gmail address to [email protected] It just requires having the pdf open on one side of the screen whilst error correcting this document on the other side. And if we got any trolls it’s easy enough to see what edits were made, boot them and restore previous versions. Finally, press Ctrl+F and type #### to see where I’m up to so far.

Once finished we can do a bunch of things like:

  • Make a bunch of free formats available like epub, pdf & word.

  • Put it on amazon so hard copies can be printed and delivered for cheap.

  • I’d like to include a thorough critique of Kaczynski's philosophy in a second forward for the version I put out there.

  • At the same time as editing this I’d like to be copying over memories for a shorter biography drawing from this book, diary entries and other writing. I may even send the 2 books to Kaczynski to encourage him to finish filling in key moments to turn it into an autobiography.

But, I’d like to know I have at least 2 people working on it with me, so I’m not editing 350 pages on my own.



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