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friendly_raddler wrote

of course, an article denouncing the uselessness of the EPA is used as a prompt to call for the need of a EPA but one with more regulations and enforcing power, when in fact the EPA is just there to green-light all the contamination and polluting activities and green-wash it with a veneer of proper protocol and due diligence

meanwhile, i'm thinking of what could be a good pun with "taint", help me out here:

the rain will wash our taint away

we will tell industry "we will wash off your taint from our mouths!"

something something about washing taints, toxic taints, is all i got


Vulgar_Soda wrote

Wonder if future organisms will evolve to take advantage of all the toxic bullshit on this planet? Like poison type Pokémon, but REAL. Imagine a pet Muk. Your very own PFAS slime doggo.

Oh, right. We'll all be dead.


sunrat wrote (edited )

we're not going to be dead. just fucked beyond recognition. worse than dead.


asg101 wrote

The EPA has been owned and operated by the polluters since its inception.