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Kinshavo wrote (edited )


bloodrose wrote

The forum at appears to have gone into read-only mode a long time ago so I think they're a dead site as well.


kokoaitu wrote

Were you just after reading/listening material or you wanted to go beyond that?

Plenty of anticiv people on raddle but I don't think any primitivists.


mindforgedmanacles wrote

The anprim subreddit used to be good prior to two years ago, but Kaczynski fanboys and/or 4chan fascists flocked to it, and now it's mostly shite.


gotinfo wrote

The most anti-civ people are likely offline because they're far enough in to it to do that comfortably. There are a few anti-civ groups out there but they all come attached to some wacky ideology that doesn't make much sense when you think about them for more than 5 minutes. If you want to discuss survival information and learn, then just look bushcraft communities and other outdoor communities which have larger online presences.


[deleted] wrote


gotinfo wrote

Here is not very active but it's still a very good place for discussion of theory and idelogy. Reddit has an anarcho-primitivist subreddit as well as half a dozen deep green subs that all link to each other. There are a few far-right places on the web but their theory is mostly "minority bad, tree good" so it's best to avoid them. Search around on popular sites first and foremost.