Easy conversation, with subliminal critics inside to encourage anti-capitalistic thinking

Submitted by lookin4 in anticapital (edited )

Outside my filter bubble, presumably in more minds than I think of now, capitalism isn't present. Some name it otherwise, but are in part aware of the issues coming with it. (Those who do not care aren't mentioned here, because #%@&!)

Some others do not know about it at all and exactly these people I want to inform in a better way as I've done in the past. Meaning not to overwhelm them with all the ugly sides like the casualties of the multiple global and local war fronts opened by the military and/or corporations and/or governments, daily discrimination, common regular structural oppression, etc.

All of this and more is badly needed (at least) to acknowledge, but by informing them I want to arouse someones curiosity and encourage/empower them so they get into radical thinking and activism - not to give up hope, feeling powerlessness. Our daily life lacks of self-determined time, so I thought it might be a good way to find something laughable in capitalism to have a easy conversation while putting in subliminal critics like:

  • "Look, even this grocery store sells gift vouchers now. Isn't it ridiculous? Unlike cash it's expiring someday, it is only valid in this store, the cost of the good must be at least 50$ and you do not get change!"
  • "Haha, insurances are so funny. Everytime you need them, they are tremendously full of doubt regarding your case. Like they don't want to pay you off and give it to their management and stockholders instead. Not to mention the whole lot of paperwork and their extensive use of legal language and probably a case worker asking private questions, too. Why not having a pot of money within our circle of friends. 100% of our money remains our money, no spending without consent."
  • "Do you sell Pears in this season? I think the ones flown in from Chile are very delicious." "This shop's already closed. Still they have their lights and heater on. I wonder what the homeless in front of us think about the new product line by the fashion designer advertisied in this vitrine."

tl;dr I know there is no sure formula for success and agitating is a skill, but how do we reach people that are not into memes for example? Where to begin if we want more people to be aware of all the capitalistic shit going on against all of us without overwhelming phrases or actions? Instead of deterred I would like to see interested, determined people.

What do you think about it? How to encourage people in easy words to anti-capitalistic thinking while not literally mention it?

Any amendment and comment on this is appreciated!



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