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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

This may be a distinction without a difference, but the tech wasn't built to enable the "ethical capitalism" lie. It was just built to enable logistics. It's less catchy, but I would have called it "The Tech that Obscures Unethical Supply Chains as an Unavoidable Byproduct".

I don't think Internet-of-Things or Blockchains are going to fix these problems, for the exact reasons stated in the article. The fundamental problem is that attaching source metadata to shipments adds costs (time and effort spent organizing and providing the information) and reveals information a provider may prefer to keep private (source geography, slave labor conditions, exact mix of raw materials). All the tech they possibly need to share this information already exists, nobody in supply chains is interested in using it.

I don't know how a problem like this can be solved other than 100% local sourcing.