Disability Wages: Fair work for fair pay? youtube.com

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tl;dr, the video is a discussion about whether you should actually pay Disabled people actual wages for their work. Lordy, the rationales people go to justify preying on and exploiting an entire class of people.

The sad part is this video is somewhat inaccurate. It was done by an Australian news service. In the states, $7.80 is actually only a few pennies more than the American Minimum Wage. Or in short, disabled people in the US are likely being exploited even more.

Capitalism only cares about the bodies it can use to fuel itself. It would rather that disabled people die or cease to exist, but since it can't, it'll settle for using them however they can, especially since they can use the work of disabled workers to drive down the wages for ordinary workers.


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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

And hey, it might do a disabled person some good to have a job, even if it's just a few hours a day, depending on how they're feeling/doctor's appointments/etc. But it should be the disabled person's choice AND you don't pay them pennies for their work; they should get a proper wage like everyone else. Though the people who employ them will probably do all this caterwauling how it's simply unfair to pay them a full wage and how they'll be unable to employ disabled people as a result, and Blah-Blah-Blah, but if you need to exploit an entire class of people just to get by, you're a shit company run by shitty people.

Though like I said, the sad part is that $7.80 is roughly the American minimum wage, so Americans are probably being exploited even more than the Aussies in the video.

For the record, I'm on the Autism Spectrum, so I am disabled as well.