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edmund_the_destroyer wrote (edited )

I can't believe anyone takes these complaints seriously. The right has been hypocritical in any number of ways, and this is just one: using vitriolic, hateful rhetoric and physical assaults and then calling out the left as villains for even beginning to respond in kind.

Comedian David Cross:

It's just a strange double standard. "This country's gone down the toilet, I can't believe what's happened to it. I mean, illegal immigration is out of control. Culturally we're a cesspool. There's abortion on demand. And you've got San Francisco gays getting gay married and trying to spread their homosexual agenda all over the country, and you got these, you know, MTV awful rap and the hip-hop and the New York and LA Hollywood elites shoving their trash values down our throats. It's just awful. And there's a war on Christmas! There's a war on Christmas! They've declared war on Christmas! And I'm too taxed, I'm over-taxed. It doesn't matter who you elect in Washington, those elites just thumb their nose at the rest of us. It's just awful what's happened to America."

"Yes, there are some definite problems. I mean, we're the richest country in history and we're ranked 37th in the world in healthcare and 2nd in child poverty rates and 2nd in child mortality rates. I mean there are definitely some problems."

"HOW DARE YOU? If you don't like it, go to hell. You can get the f*** out! America is the greatest country in the history of ever, anything!"