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surreal wrote

i am not saying reducing poverty is their goal but it will be a side effect and people that have nothing at the moment will have at least something. Of course it's not even close to a real solution against poverty and it's a tiny step but it's still a step than staying in this shitty status quo. BI has proponents from all kinds of ppl in the political spectrum. Again this isn't something neolibs came up with. The notion of BI existed before.

Btw i think the main reason neolibs want this is because of the damage austerity has done to the circular consumption and without ppl spending money on stuff there is none of their so precious "growth".


Dumai wrote (edited )

it won't be a side effect at all -- if the poor have to purchase services that were previously provided by the state then their wealth has decreased in real terms. and if you don't think ubi will further the marketisation and privitisation of state welfare then you're in for a nasty shock in the very very near future