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Zerush wrote

....For our calculation, we choose the conservative approach of the University of Cambridge and thus arrive by 61 percent of 130 TWh at about 79 TWh annual energy consumption for Bitcoin from non-renewable sources. These lead to illustrative comparisons at the EPA’s calculator: According to this, Bitcoin consumes as much polluting electricity as about 9 million U.S. households or charging 7 billion smartphones annually. The often used comparison of Bitcoin in energy consumption to entire countries like Holland or Argentina, on the other hand, is lame, as it does not distinguish between the different energy sources.

...Real-time figures provided by the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index show that Bitcoin accounts for 0.40% of the world’s total electricity consumption, and 0.34% of the world’s total electricity production, underscoring efforts to reduce the planet’s energy consumption and use of fossil fuels. Though the figure may seem small, it has a significant impact overall. To put these figures into perspective, the annual electricity consumption of Bitcoin is greater than the total energy required to power all the tea kettles in the UK for 29 years. Additionally, Bitcoin is just one of the thousands of cryptocurrencies currently in use.

...Other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Litecoin are continuing to grow in popularity, adding further pressure to the global energy consumption rate. As cryptocurrencies become more accessible to the general public, experts predict that the cryptocurrency industry will continue to expand, transforming the way we bank.