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terpene wrote

Your use of the internet should be individual to your own interests so try to find certain sites, blogs, creators that you like and use hyperlinks to discover content. You know how on Wikipedia you can just click links and get between topics while learning and discovering all in a very intuitive manner? Thats what surfing the web should be like but corporations have taken control and made the web into a horrible hostile place.

Use RSS. Listen to podcasts. Never scroll through a "feed" again if it's been created by an algorithm. Try out mastodon cause social media has some benefits and

Create your own website or blog about anything and meet friends online and talk to them with Matrix.

Most of all be intentional of your use. Make bookmarks, search for specific content and reshare what cool things you find online, share links with friends. is a nice search engine for finding indie websites without all the horrible JavaScript and bloat that is on so much of the web nowadays.


wormcore OP wrote

thank you so much!! this is v helpful and exactly wht i was looking for :)