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PainlessEphemera OP wrote

I would be a bit wary of a book released from a publisher called “Masculine Books.”


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Ran a search on the book and the author via Google. Corey Savage has been a columnist for the MRA shitblog "Return of Kings" and has participated in many alt-Right podcasts. From the looks of it, you'd be wise to stay away from him. He probably approaches this so-called primitive lifestyle from the stereotype of manly caveman kills mammoth for his woman who worships him and would die without him, rather than the more nuanced and more accurate perspective, given by anthropologists.

Primitive times wasn't "Manly man dominates all, including women, child, and Earth." The bulk of the diet would have supplied by women, because hunting deer and mammoths or whatever, is hard, chancy work. So they likely would have relied on foraging for the bulk of their diet. They wouldn't be vegetarians--when meat was around, they ate it, and they also ate fish, eggs, and milk--but again, hunting is chancy business.

Also studies have shown that tribal men and women had roughly the same standing, so it wasn't just He-Man bossing everyone else around. And again, the relationship they had with the world around them, was probably less about dominance and a more balanced, equal view where nature gives them what they need to survive and in turn, they give back to nature, in a cycle that goes on and on.