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polpotisevil2 OP wrote

Reply to comment by onymous in Anarcho-Primitivism by polpotisevil2

Perhaps I should have said "anarchism" instead of anarchy from the get go, because I agree with what you said. I was simply off-put, apparently because of a failure of myself to communicate properly, by a statement that because a nightshade is living in "anarchy", "anarchy" cannot be a culture. Anarchism is human made. Anarchism is a human culture, that cannot be put onto animals/plants as if they are anarchists, it simply affects our attitude towards non human beings.

Farming is authority, a hierarchy, and in my opinion at least, anarchism is against it. Anarchism is a human culture though.


onymous wrote

sorry for the late response.

Oh, okay! That makes sense actually. Out of curiosity (if you're still invested in this thread!) would you not see any value then in extending the term "anarchist" (either as an adjective or a noun) to any context outside of anarchism as a culture/ideology? Or would that just muddle the anarch-ic with all the baggage of anarch-ism?