How anarcho-capitalism works

Submitted by EdgyIndividualistBuffoon in anarcho_capitalism

Competing private mercenary corporations and court corporations is the idea. I am not joking. Apparently nobody will buy off the heavily armed mercenaries and for-profit judges because everyone else will magically find out about it and punish them by not giving them any more business - and if the heavily armed mercenaries deciding to cut out the middleman and become warlords, well... consider this a hostile takeover.



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noah wrote (edited )

And if someone controls all of the fresh water you can see, you can just stop doing business with them whenever you want. /s


Emeryael wrote

There won't be a State, but the vast majority of wealth and resources will be in the hands of an elite, who will be able to use their wealth/resources as a carrot-stick stratagem to keep everyone under their control. Which the AnCaps figure is totally different from a State.


ProBlackFashAtak wrote

At the very least the state would have competition. I've dealt with far too many savagely selfish people to believe there would ever be a society based on humanitarian principles.