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PositiveFreedom wrote

I think that's the biggest problem with an caps. They ACTUALLY believe this bullshit. Property rights are absolute. A business owner thus always reserves the right to fire someone at anytime for any reason (it's their property); unless you contract otherwise but what good businessman would do this with unskilled labor. Not sure how there's any freedom in having your entire livelihood completely dependent on another human being. But justify it they do.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote (edited )

Ancaps always see themselves as lords of the manor, rather than one of the many, many serfs toiling in the fields, so invariably, they can't envision the stuff they advocate being applied to them.

Remember the scandal with a Google dudebro employee wrote and passed around an email about how women shouldn't be in tech fields because our womanly brains just can't handle it? When Google decided to, in response to all the heat they were getting, fire the dudebro's sorry ass, immediately he and others, who generally have no problem with At-Will employment and the rights of bosses to do what they want, are suddenly like, "Wait a minute!" interspaced with calls of "But freeze peach!" Because as a more evolved alpha being, they should have the right to say and do whatever they want without facing any consequences for their actions.