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CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

reddit's constantly shifting (and let's face it, explicitly racist) terms of service keep changing, it is apparent that we have to figure out another plan here.

Libertarians are, like, the personification of "right, but for the wrong reasons".

This community started on the basis that racist social justice warriors of all stripes are not a part of liberty.

I'm really beginning to think that no one knows what racism is.

We are all moral equals, regardless of complexion, but Reddit's new policies are opposed to this worldview.

what the fuck is a "moral equal"?

They appear to wish to actively discriminate based on the color of peoples skin, therefore, we should respect their property and plan to leave. It's their right to be racists. It's our right not to associate with them.

I get wanting to prepare for a community ban, but how do these people make something practical sound so gutless?

These people have no fire, no real sense of defiance, not even the capacity for spite; just a barren anti-government stance with no real substance to it.

I feel like I could bully the fuck out of these people and I'm not even that intimidating.


ziq OP wrote

idk if you can really consider them anti-government. they just want a different government (corporatism) with no social security or labor protections


CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

They are anti-government in the same way any shallow, performative nod to rebellion typically seen in American culture is: all aesthetics, no actual conviction, which ultimately leads to a desire for reformation than annihilation.

They dislike the state when it intrudes into their personal lives (which is a very vague threshold; I'd argue that the mere existence of the state would invariably lead to that intrusion), but they still see it as a necessity (albeit, one that needs to be trimmed down a smaller form).