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I filled a cart full of random items, and proceeded to self checkout so I could bag my shit up and head on out the door (it looks better if ur stuff is bagged if in the bad luck situation I were to run into a piggly wiggly).

I made my move for the door and was greeted by 5-6 ppl (I’m a big mf and I carry a big hunting knife on my hip haha)… some were LP some were regular hourly employees. Even some loud mouth twat from the deli came over to run her big ole gums.

Moving on… they ripped the cart out my hands and I had my little finger in the side grating and it took a pretty decent sized chunk of skin off. I didn’t touch or threaten anyone. I was still in the store when this all went down, and I was also wearing a mask.

Anyways, I used an empty green dot card to swipe self check out, and it of course was declined… If I can sue, my defense is I live with someone who is high risk for covid, as he has stage 3 COPD and a bad heart.

I was planning on moving the cart to a safe place where no one could touch it with their covid germs, while I went to my car to get a different credit card. But while doing this, I was accosted by an unruly gang of Walmart hooligans, who bullied me and made me fear for my life.

All kidding aside, I would love to see the cocksmokers faces as I got to their money services dept to cash the check the wrote me for my physical and emotional pain/suffering… so what do u guys think? Do I have a case? Or am I a tweaker and I need to have a snickers and take a nap?



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tuesday wrote

No, you don't get to sue people for injuries you sustained in the middle of committing a crime.