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So currently I'm trying to think of whether I should get something like a Bill/Billhook spear or a functional sword (Can be steel or can be modern bronze which I'm only considering because I live in a quite humid and wet climate area)? I haven't checked whether polehammers or warhammers are legal to own though.

The law says that lethal force is ok if you are about to be maimed or killed. I fear I could be outnumbered so I would probably need something that can be devastating but which can also cut the fingers of anybody who tries to grab it hence thinking about a sword. A spear apparently requires less training while a sword may require it but would be more effective indoors or in walkways so I heard.

If a sword is good then what design would work most effectively in a real fight where you will have to deliver blows that will bring attackers down so you can quickly deal with any others or flee? Getting out seems really hard though also. A real sword intended to work as the actual weapons they were also seems quite expensive though so not sure how it would go if chances happen that it gets stolen. Normally you do not let people know what you have if you intend on using them for protection. Not sure how much the ones made from modern bronze cost.

Example of what a bill spear is:



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Fool wrote

General consensus from when I use to do weapons based combat training, a quarterstaff was considered a pretty strong option - with metal caps if possible.

It's not sharp, so no chance of being illegal, just a big chunk of wood for breaking bones. I think 2.5-3m is standard based on user height, so it will keep range against other melee weapons, and both ends can be used for fighting against multiple opponents.

It's not so great for inside houses, but still probably less likely to get you in trouble or cause a self injury compared to the spear.

In my country it is illegal to keep a sharpened sword if it isn't locked in a case, so an axe or large digging tool is probably a more reliable weapon to keep on hand.


moonlune wrote

First I want to say I'm really sorry these people make you fear for your life inside your own house.

The reason you want a self defence tool is too disengage fights, not to kill. You need a weapon that's either scary enough for them to think you're a total psycho and never engage or something that will make them run away without triggering a "fight for my life" response which would make things even more dangerous for you.

It'd say getting a baseball bat for actual fights is good enough. Or any long metal stick equivalent really.

If you end up buying one of those weapons I wouldn't recommend any for combat, just angrily parade around with it to scare them when they're far away for them to not feel in immediate danger.


Defensehelp74 OP wrote (edited )

Kind of looking into them now and I guess they would be best for when you are in your garden, porch or something?

In my country for most provinces, sharp swords, axes, machetes or spears are among the only weapons you can legally own funnily enough with little regulation but a ton of others all being banned. Firearms also can't be owned for protection. Mostly can't take them outside of your home though.

I'm still inquiring into whether they are legal or not but what are your thoughts on Warhammers and Polehammers as an in-door option? They seem to be able to do really strong blunt damage that can really easily break bones and some but not all have a single spike at the top that is for optional use.

My main concern with blunt weapons is how easily can they be grabbed off of you though when it comes to Quarterstaffs or Warhammers?


Defensehelp74 OP wrote

Thoughts on Warhammers or machetes? I mean the former look pretty intimidating and are sometimes small enough for indoor use, blunt weapons are good and all but occasionally my concern is whether or not they can be grabbed (Especially if multiple attackers are involved).

With these people, other main fear is they might be hellbent on hurting me and would risk coming against me.


Fool wrote

Someone grabbing a quarterstaff will suddenly find themselves attached to a large lever, wherein you have the kinetic advantage, you'll be able to send them flying in a direction of your choice if you didn't break their hands when they attempted to grab it.

Overall any weapon you choose, you will want to get some form of practice in using, so it isn't just another tool for people to use against you.


veuzi wrote (edited )

Baseball bat or an improvised baton for a first line of defense. If that fails, you could have a knife or a short machete on hand. You don't want long, unweildy polearms or warhammers if the purpose is to defend yourself indoors. Stash your bat/baton close to the entrance but out of sight from any would-be attackers or cops.


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

I'll suggest a completely different angle. Violence isn't something u can just do in self defense. Guns r hard but the mental hardships for bashing a humans skull in with a blunt object is something else. If u wanna be effective ur going to have to completely change how u view the world mentality n stuff. Combat psychology is weird. Ur not just going be able to beat people to death even if u train and it's in self defense.

For one I would say avoiding a fight is always better. Tho I imagine u can't do that as that often requires resources n stuff. Tho I would make a long term plan to being in a place where u r safe. Feeling like ur always in risk of death is a really bad mindset to be in.

I'd say give up in the idea of a weapon. Unless u wanna become someone who has the capacity to kill people (I assure u u don't) I'd get a dog. They are way more aware of dangers n risks, often inately someone good at attacking people, way more aware of souroundings and don't have the apprehension of hurting humans.

I'm not saying train a killer dog. U can train dogs to be super nice and they still will attack dangerous people. Dogs r like really good at sensing danger. (Well they sense danger all the time but they do have usually a better idea of risk than humans do.

I mean u will have to get a breed that is scary and has the capability. Pits and ritwilers scare the shit out of people. U will have to spend lots of time with them tho. When they are young they need to be walked a lot......

(Fuck I forgot about city folk. Most live in apartments and can't have big ass dogs.) You probably can't get a dog.

Unless u are really interested in getting some combat experience to prepare. And I mean not even boxing or something like actually fight I would view betting a blunt weapon as completely useless. And at worst artificially view u as safer which is good and bad. Good as it keeps you calm in day to day but bad in that u don't understand your risks.

So if u can't get a dog I would get good at running. Have the place u live able to leave through multiple exits and give yourself time to leave and alert yourself to intruders. Bell on door, locks ect.

Know all possible exits and entrances of places you'll be attacked. Maybe even have running shoes in all the time. Limit time in rooms with only one exit. Def sleep in room with multiple exits.

Then imagine scenarios so u know what to do to limit shock.

(I'm sitting on my computer, I hear my window get broken open, I look around to find the closest exit away from attackers. Then practice to escape. And ask where are you going to and how far can u run. Cars r great places to be safe in bc they lock and move fast. So this answer prob will just be car then drive to public place. Do more research on running away it's complicated and I just wanted to get u started.

So I guess my point is due to like violence psychology n stuff us probly just put yourself in way more danger if u tried to fight. It's a different story if y actually have like attacked people purposefully. And I don't mean like oh I kinda wanted to hurt them a bit. But even then I still would recommend avoidance and escape as badly better ideas.

Plus there was is my ethical quandary with home defense. If u confuse a burgaler for an attempt on ur life you will have killed or tried to kill someone for property crime. Which is extremely shit. And to be Frank it's hard to determine if the person with a crowbar who is in your house wants to hurt u or just steal. In a dangerous situation waiting to see if they will attack u might get u killed. Running u can use this advantage. If u fight u have to make the decision if you are willing to kill someone for being poor and desperate. Could u live with yourself if u killed like a mom trying to feed their kids bc you thought they were a risk when they weren't. Otherwise you'll be in way more danger from waiting to figure that out than if u just run away. Plus even if u do live and they were trying to kill u you brain will be like all fucked up. Killing someone isn't something that most don't care. (Haven't killed someone so I could be wrong)

Running u'll prob be traumatized but almost certainly have a badly better quality of life than if you had the good ending of self defense.

Just to make sure I'm clear. Fighting is a horrible absolutely bad for 100s of pages written by people who have combat experience and had to regularly fight an kill people. Avoid the concentration to begin with. If you really can't do that and I mean u really can't learn to run and get a dog if you can.

I actually have live ability and history of fighting with blunt objects and I wouldn't consider fighting off an attacked with a blunt object as a good plan never all multiple. The fact that you think you could possibly fend off multiple people who attacking u is like so nti grounded in reality. If u try to fend of multiple murders with a sword you will almost certainly die.

Sry if I came off as harsh you are almostly certainly in a horrible place mentally. So I tried my hardest to give u advice that isn't just pounding nails into your own coffin. I prob should have been nicer but I struggle in trying to get the point across that someone's plan is absolutely horrible without being a complete prick.


metocin wrote (edited )

I would be a lot more scared by someone with a big blade than by someone holding a big ass hammer. Easier to grab a bat or hammer our of someone hands than it is grabbing a sharpened blade. Hitting with a sledge requires a wind up and it would be easy to rush you so that you would be too close to get a good swing. Plus you have to be fairly strong for it to be effective. I've swung a lot of big hammers and I would not want to rely on one for defense in close quarters. Just get a blade that you can use with two hands so that you have a good grip and make sure it looks scary. Make sure to practice with it.


metocin wrote

Running is a good option and moving is too but considering the OP didn't mention that in their post, those are probably not viable options. Moving isn't easy or possible for many folks, and in many living situations you probably don't have the ability to run away from someone already in your home, and probably don't have alternate exits.

Suggesting getting a dog to someone who is apparently in a dangerous situation is gross. You're telling someone to put another innocent life in danger.

Obviously nobody wants to fight. Nobody wants their lives in danger. I can assure you almost anybody in a dangerous situation thinks of every other alternative than having to defend themselves. There's no need to explain why fighting is bad.

Could u live with yourself if u killed like a mom trying to feed their kids bc you thought they were a risk when they weren't

This hypothetical is a bit ridiculous given the situation OP described where they don't have access to firearms. You don't just "accidentally" kill an unarmed person who is threatening you when there are no guns involved. I don't think this is a helpful way to help OP think about the consequences of self defense.

If you have practical advice to give then do so but there's no need to patronize OP and make them feel as if their need for self defense isn't justified.