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Defensehelp74 OP wrote

Thoughts on Warhammers or machetes? I mean the former look pretty intimidating and are sometimes small enough for indoor use, blunt weapons are good and all but occasionally my concern is whether or not they can be grabbed (Especially if multiple attackers are involved).

With these people, other main fear is they might be hellbent on hurting me and would risk coming against me.


metocin wrote (edited )

I would be a lot more scared by someone with a big blade than by someone holding a big ass hammer. Easier to grab a bat or hammer our of someone hands than it is grabbing a sharpened blade. Hitting with a sledge requires a wind up and it would be easy to rush you so that you would be too close to get a good swing. Plus you have to be fairly strong for it to be effective. I've swung a lot of big hammers and I would not want to rely on one for defense in close quarters. Just get a blade that you can use with two hands so that you have a good grip and make sure it looks scary. Make sure to practice with it.