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Fool wrote

General consensus from when I use to do weapons based combat training, a quarterstaff was considered a pretty strong option - with metal caps if possible.

It's not sharp, so no chance of being illegal, just a big chunk of wood for breaking bones. I think 2.5-3m is standard based on user height, so it will keep range against other melee weapons, and both ends can be used for fighting against multiple opponents.

It's not so great for inside houses, but still probably less likely to get you in trouble or cause a self injury compared to the spear.

In my country it is illegal to keep a sharpened sword if it isn't locked in a case, so an axe or large digging tool is probably a more reliable weapon to keep on hand.


Defensehelp74 OP wrote (edited )

Kind of looking into them now and I guess they would be best for when you are in your garden, porch or something?

In my country for most provinces, sharp swords, axes, machetes or spears are among the only weapons you can legally own funnily enough with little regulation but a ton of others all being banned. Firearms also can't be owned for protection. Mostly can't take them outside of your home though.

I'm still inquiring into whether they are legal or not but what are your thoughts on Warhammers and Polehammers as an in-door option? They seem to be able to do really strong blunt damage that can really easily break bones and some but not all have a single spike at the top that is for optional use.

My main concern with blunt weapons is how easily can they be grabbed off of you though when it comes to Quarterstaffs or Warhammers?


Fool wrote

Someone grabbing a quarterstaff will suddenly find themselves attached to a large lever, wherein you have the kinetic advantage, you'll be able to send them flying in a direction of your choice if you didn't break their hands when they attempted to grab it.

Overall any weapon you choose, you will want to get some form of practice in using, so it isn't just another tool for people to use against you.