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Bullshit. Bloodrose accused me of male fragility. I responded by defending myself from that harassment , saying " I'm not especially fragile relative to "any" woman." as in my fragility is not relative to my gender. and you are outright lying to quote me as saying "fragile as women" . I deleted my comments when bloodrose deleted theirs, because at that point it was not meant as spectacle ,(ostensibly)



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ziq admin wrote

Sorry you don't get to accuse her of harassing you after that display. She repeatedly told you to stop and leave her alone and you persisted. It was absolutely male fragility and a 2 week ban was super lenient considering the unsafe atmosphere you created for women. If your fragility isn't relative to your gender are you saying you're not male? Because I have no idea what you're saying.

Stop ban evading. The only forum you can post on for the next 2 weeks is f/meta.