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selver wrote

I have such mixed feelings about Russell. The woo, the speech pattern, and the general narcissism are a bit much for me; but I do like a lot of the work he's been doing the last while. One of the only celebrities I can think of with good radical politics.


leftous wrote (edited )

I liked Russel at first. But over time, it became apparent to me that he is a professional strawman. He says many of the right things, but when it comes to defending radical positions against reactionaries, he falters and demonstrates a poor understanding.

Maybe this is just a paranoid opinion, but I think he is a liberal actor who is still working in bourgie interests. He acts to gain credibility on the left, as if he is some reformed/woke rich guy, and to appeal to the ever growing base of people who are dissatisfied with capitalism. However, I believe his ultimate goal is to discredit the left by being a caricature SJW for reactionaries to pick apart.


Xylanthius wrote

He touches on these subjects in the interview. He relates all of that to addiction. He speaks about addiction in our society. He speaks about his addiction to fame and money. It's a good interview and talk about the nature of addiction in our society.

I try to not hold how people act against them as people because how we act is not the same thing as who we are. People act and react in moments. If we hold people to how they act in one moment then it makes it challenging for that person to grow because often people identify with how those around us treat each other.

I think that this is especially true when it comes to addiction.

In psychology, there is something called the fundamental attribution error. It means that people act in ways that do not reflect how they feel inside. We assume people are some way when they are not because their actions indicate that they are.

I don't know anything about this celebrity. I don't know his views on anything else. I think I saw a movie with him in it once, but I don't remember what movie that is. I think he's an actor. I know that I know him from somewhere..... This was a good talk about addiction though.