The fastest write I have ever done: The Change

Submitted by RagingDalak in Writing

Its now winter. We listen to our music playlist as we have 1000 times. We go out in the cold, glad it isn't burning like hell hot. We have school days. 8:45-4:00. Everyday. The same thing. Like routine. Only three months before we were walking in the heat, under the fire of the sun. We wanted winter to come. But we didnt realize that with cold comes other changes too. We grow up little by little as time marches on. New clothes. New music. New phones. We don't realize the joy that we have until it is gone. Now we got our wish. Cold. New music comes and it is our norm. But when we hear a song from the summer. We remember the days. Freedom. No boundaries. The entire summer we wish for something different. We never took the time to live in the moment and appreciate what we already have. Now we live in cold and darkness. Alone. Bitter. Life has left us and we are imprisoned by father time. 8:45-4:00. Exactly like clockwork. No freedom for us. For now we live under the rule of time



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