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We are offering topnotch auto glass replacement services. We are dedicated in providing you with excellent workmanship and customer service. All installations and products come with a warranty.

Window Tinting Protect your car and yourself from intense heat and prying eyes. Call us for car window tinting to avoid squinting while driving, and for safety and security.

Accessories Add some style and convenience to your car with our auto accessories. We offer remote starter, alarms , speakers ,HID lights and much more.

Mirror Replacement For a faster solution to a broken side mirror, get our side mirror replacement service.

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Tequila_Wolf wrote

When I got these guys to put in a new windshield with tinting in my car, it stank for two weeks.

I realised that it was the tinting that reeked, so I got them to take it off. But then it started leaking water in around the edges.

Then on a particularly sunny day the now-tintless windshield worked like a magnifying glass, concentrating the light on my grandma's clothing and she lit on fire.

I just wanted a new windshield with cool tinting and now I have a charred dead grandmother.

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ziq wrote

Hi, I'm a customer of Windshield Replacement Philadelphia. When I went there to get my windshield replaced, the manager was masturbating under his desk. He appeared to be looking at a photo of a naked smurf. I screamed out in shock and that just made him masturbate more furiously. I of course immediately left and called the police.

Do not recommend.


BigGeorge wrote

This is horrifying. I looked into this establishment after reading your story and was informed that the manager is on the sex offender registry. Is there anything we can do to shut this place down?


ziq wrote

I think we should organize a protest outside the premises to inform the public about this horrible pervert.