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GregBjorn wrote

Strikes of postal workers always damage the economics of a particular region or even a whole country. Pretty often they don't work properly when everything is ok. Like, they mix up zip codes, for instance. Although, it's so easy to check them on the Internet. Here at least And during strikes, the things get worse.


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ratbum wrote

He's certainly not the last person I thought would do it, but you would kind of think it would be someone on BreadTube.

Glad it is him, though. I know I wouldn't fancy arguing with him.


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Fossidarity wrote

Doesn't really surprises me, when I used to watch his video's he seemed pretty cool. It's a long time ago that I watched it for the last time though..


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ratbum wrote

Really surprised where this came from. Who would have thought the slingshot guy would be the first to make a serious attempt at this?


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I trumpet this man's writing over and over, but if you read Alfie Kohn's books on research into human motivation, it turns out that:

  • Hierarchy is bad for morale, creativity, and productivity. (I know the anarchists will be shot.)
  • People work better when they self-organize and have a lot of autonomy. (Which is really just another way of stating the previous point.)
  • Any program that uses competition tends to hurt creativity and teamwork - every second I spend helping you with your work means a higher chance you get the raises and bonuses instead of me.
  • External motivators, positive and negative, tend to hurt creativity and interest in the tasks being done. (Kids and adults given money to read books tend to read less over time compared to kids and adults not paid to read.)